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From Vanessa Getty, San Francisco-based socialite
FACIALS: Yelena’s Spa. Russian-born Yelena Blumin runs a boutique spa with a relaxed atmosphere. “Her treatments are incredibly thorough and luxurious. My personal favorite is the Oxygenating Facial – I leave there with my skin glowing.”

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Getting Gorgeous : facials in San Francisco
Although Yelena loves the challenge of problem skin, she sees her share of lovely complexions like that of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon star Zhang Ziyi. Yelena learned to do facials in her native Russia; for American clients, she has spiced them up. After deep-pore cleansing, the Cinnamon Stick facial employs a hot sticky-bun scented mask that leaves skin with a rosy glow.


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Fashion in America : San Francisco Facialists
A little-known boutique and day spa in Union Square with microdermabrasion and oxygen facials offered in one sitting.




We knew there was something special about this place when we saw just-pampered clients rushing to secure their return visit. Yelena led us to a room where we sank into a thick down comforter draped over a table. Soon, she was a blur of wax strips and tweezers. And in just five minutes, we were leaving with polished brows.


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After hearing raves, I visited a mecca for generations of gorgeous San Francisco women: Yelena’s Spa, just off Union Square. (Kindly, they squeezed me in on Christmas Eve.) One client waiting for her toes to dry gushed that over Yelena Blumin’s mom, Raya Zusin, gives the best pedicures in town, but I was strictly on the brow beat. Melissa Kastil was, as promised, fast and effective. Even though she also sat me down for a dusting of powder and to try a new lipstick, I was out in 30 minutes, brows look sharp. IDEAL FOR: One-stop beauty. You can also get a facial or special occasion make-up job.


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…Today, facialists abound and the younger set, not wedded to tradition, turns just as easily to independent spas such as Yelena’s Spa. No brand-name lure here, just the work of the Russian-born facialist who has a tough-love approach to skincare (and who is also popular for her Brazilian bikini waxes, which would have caused a shudder in Arden’s day). She makes sure the artwork that hangs on the walls have nothing to do with faces or models, explaining, “We don’t want anybody who comes here to feel they aren’t beautiful enough.”


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Socialite Tatiana Sorokko’s Picks for a High Maintenance Lifestyle It’s hard enough having to keep up with the Joneses; imagine having to do it with the Gettys and the Grimaldis. Here’s how Sorokko–ex-model, Russian Vogue editor, and co-owner (with her husband) of the city’s Serge Sorokko Gallery on Grant–stays relaxed in the fast lane.

FACIALIST: “Of course, I see Yelena”–a Russian-born Yelena Blumin, whose Union Square studio is the choice of many professional beauties. Sorokko explains the appeal, “So many facialists have their own routine and don’t want to adapt. Yelena keeps you on your toes. ‘Let’s try this,’ she says.”


Yelena Spa, Yelena Blumin. Golden arches without the red aftershock.





Nestled between Gucci and Prada is a spa with an agenda: Yelena wants to rescue the feet of weary shoppers. (Enough lizard-skin stilettos and logoed clutches pass through the reception area to make a Miller sister weep.) We didn’t wait five minutes before being ushered into the pedicure room where we were treated to a cool glass of water and a warm discussion of foot concerns (our nails were cut too short). Next came a lengthy soak, gentle exfoliation, and the least ticklish massage we ever had – just what we needed before heading back over to the shoe department.


How Not to Look Old

by Charla Krupp The New York Times Best-Selling book by Charla Krupp, the veteran beauty editor and style expert of NBC’s Today Show for ten years. Her beauty and style bible does not tell you to age gracefully and celebrate your wrinkles. (Who does that?) Nor does it tell you to get an extreme makeover. What it does do is show you how to look young–fast and effortlessly!
Yelena’s Spa is on her “Getting Gorgeous” list for facials. Yelena Blumin for an Eminence Facial.


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Style : The long march to the galas
Calling it Hell Week may overstate the trials and tribulations of attending San Francisco’s two big performing arts galas in the same week, but for those who want to strut their stuff in just the right way, it can take months of preparation…

Get Microcurrent Lift and Intraceutical Hyperbaric Oxygen Facial (75 minutes) at Yelena’s Spa.

“You want to look radiant,” said aesthetician Yelena Blumin, who advocates game-day treatments to relax and revive. “It plumps your skin and hydrates you and makes you look rested, like you slept 15 hours.”


I have been going to Yelena’s spa for almost 4 years now. So it’s a shame I haven’t written earlier. I am a devotee as are many of the girls in my office. I am constantly referring people there because of the complements I get about the services they provide me. Overall I go here for excellent service and expertise.

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